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Elf Ear Headphones: Flying to the Middle Earth Humming

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an elven world with these Elf Ear Headphones, not only through music, but also turning into one of its inhabitants. Have you ever wanted to become an elf of fantasy movies without resorting to surgery? Now you can go around showing off your beautiful elf ears!



USB Air Conditioner: Summer is Coming

It is a tiny USB Air Conditioner (one 10.3 x 8 x 7.8 inches cube) silent, USB powered and with three functions in one (Air Conditioner, Humidifier, and Air Purification). A desk product that can give you relief from the heat during your long days of work, without the contraindications of a real air conditioner.

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Thor Hammer Led Light

Thor Hammer Led Light: a lamp that seems to come directly from Asgard. An unmissable piece of furniture for the greatest fans of Thor who want to get hold of the powers of the hammer Mjolnir.

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