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Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership: All Amazon Benefits Free for 30 Days

Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership: All Amazon Benefits Free for 30 Days

Are you planning to subscribe to Amazon Prime but are you worried about the possible costs or not being able to exploit it enough? The most famous online shopping giant has created Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership just for you.

There are a lot of benefits that you can use right away, and all this for Free for 30 days.

Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership: What is it?

There is no trick behind the possibility of using all the Amazon Prime Services for free for 30 days. This is a chance that is given directly by the company. First of all, however, to make some clarity, what is Amazon Prime?
Amazon Prime is the service designed for users known primarily for two things: Free delivery in two days and the Netflix-style video streaming service.

But the advantages do not stop here, so let’s see them all quickly:

  • Free 2-day shipping (or better)
    This is super-useful and one of Amazon’s strengths. Prime Users also do not have a minimum order, so even a $5 accessory will get you home within 48h for free.
  • Free release-date delivery
    Great for all preorders (books, video games, music, movies and more …). You will receive the product exactly the day it is released.
  • Free 2-hour delivery
    Ok, this is only valid in some cities. But if you’re among the lucky ones, it’s a stunning service.
  • Free (or flat-rate) grocery and household item delivery
    Coffee, pet food, soap, etc… Prime Pantry is the choice for your daily shopping.
  • Alexa deals
    We love Alexa <3
    And above all, thanks to Amazon Echo we have the opportunity to simply ask “Alexa, what are your deals?” and have a complete list of exclusive Prime discounts. To then always buy them thanks to her 😉
  • Restaurant delivery
    At the moment still being tested in a few cities, we are waiting to see it at the gate but it seems already interesting. It allows you to have your food delivered to your home in two hours.
  • Unlimited video streaming
    The Amazon Prime Video service, like for Netflix, offers movies, TV shows and original content (we went crazy for “The Man on the High Castle”, based on the book by Philip K. Dick).
    It can be seen on any device and obviously gives its best with a Fire TV Stick.
  • Discount on Amazon Music Unlimited
    Amazon Music Unlimited is Amazon’s Spotify-style music streaming service. It has a monthly cost, but for Prime Users it has a heavy discount.
  • Unlimited photo storage
    A virtual hard disk to secure your photos, with the security and speed of Amazon servers (used all over the world for professional cloud-based applications).
  • Free games and Twitch for free!
    Gamers all over the world certainly know Twitch, the platform created for video streaming. To date Twitch has become much more and also allows you to buy and download complete games.
    As Prime users you have the possibility to download for free a bunch of complete games that will be yours forever (among the games that we have appreciated the most there is SuperHot and the beautiful exclusive items for Fortnite).
    In addition, by connecting Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts you can enjoy Twitch without advertising.

Amazon Prime offers this and much more besides they add new services continuously. If you want more information visit the official Amazon Prime page.

How to register for the Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership?

To sign up for Amazon Prime and take advantage of Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership, simply follow a small procedure. But do not worry, the steps to follow are few and fairly easy.


  1. Go to the Official Amazon Prime Page. Here you will find the “Start your 30-day Free Trial” button on display:Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership How To
  2. If you are not already registered, you will need to enter your details on the Amazon Prime Registration Page. Be careful not to insert an email already used to activate the Prime Membership previously, because it will not be accepted again.
  3. Confirm your data and access the Amazon Prime Free Trial.



From now on you have 30 days to try all the Amazon services. If you want to have ideas on cute items, gifts and cool gadgets just follow us here on our website or register on the mailing list and social channels.
Here at 1001 Need we are enthusiastic supporters of Amazon and we will not fail to report all the best offers!

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