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Five Best Apple iPhone Accessories

Five Best Apple iPhone Accessories

In the endless panorama of Apple iPhone accessories, which ones are you can’t do without?
Let’s find out together!

Five Best Apple iPhone Accessories

In this article, we will discover the five best accessories for iPhone X and iPhone 8, if you have another phone or a different iPhone model write it in the comments and we will look for other beautiful accessories for you!

1) Mophie – Wireless Charge Pad – Apple Optimized.

Is a compact solution, equipped with wireless technology, which allows you to charge iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X wireless. Just put them on the base, and the magic will be done 🙂
The Qi Technology allows you to recharge even all other compatible devices, including Android.

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2) PodSkinz AirPods Case Protective Silicone Cover.

Since they were launched on the market, AirPods are always indispensable Apple iPhone accessories.
Unfortunately, they are also quite easy to lose (we speak for a personal experience!). This cheap silicone case comes to your rescue and allows you to take your beloved AirPods with you without danger!

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3) Leather Folio iPhone X Black.


A premium case for your phone, made of beautiful leather and refined to the touch.
A superior quality case that wraps the iPhone X to perfection. Inside there is also a space for credit cards, banknotes, and business cards.
It’s expensive enough, but the best phone needs the best cover, right?

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4) Bestand 3 in 1 Apple Stand.

For iPhone X and AirPods owners, cannot miss a stand that is able to hold both.
This minimal stand allows you to recharge both elegantly, and also has a support on which you can hold your iWatch (on there is also a version without support for the watch).

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5) Gimbal Zhiyun Smooth-Q3.

The iPhone, you know, is becoming more and more a tool for making videos. The latest models of the company, especially iPhone X, enjoy a first-rate multimedia department. We first often use our inseparable iPhone to take pictures and film videos.
When we got our hands on this incredible Apple iPhone accessories, we literally went crazy!
To record videos of superior quality, a smartphone gimbal, i.e., an instrument that allows us to stabilize our phone, becomes almost indispensable. Among the many available our choice fell on the Gimbal Zhiyun Smooth-Q3, the price decidedly cheap but with the highest quality. It is a 3-axis motorized gimbal so it can stabilize images both in horizontal and vertical lines, returning entirely fluid videos. An accessory that has completely changed the way we film or photograph with our iPhone, try it and let us know!

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And with this, we finished our mini-review of the Five Best Apple iPhone accessories.
Do you want other posts like this? Do you have other phones that you would like ideas for accessories or gadgets?
Let us know in the comments!

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