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Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker – The Unmissable Tech Gadget!

Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker – The Unmissable Tech Gadget!

Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker - Car KeysTile Slim Bluetooth Tracker is, in absolute terms, the object that we should all have. It is the latest creation of the well-known company specialized in this type of products, a thin tile able to help you find lost objects.
You know that moment when you’re leaving the house and you don’t find the car keys? Exactly.

This useful tech gadget is, as the name implies, a thin tile of 2.1 x 2.1 inches. Besides being so small it is also very light: only 0.32 ounces. The thickness of 0.1 inches was almost halved compared to the original Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker. The Slim version is as thick as two credit cardsIn fact it can be taken anywhere, making your usual wallet a real tile slim wallet” and allowing you to find it in the unfortunate event you were to lose it. 

Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker continues to provide the same functionality as the previous model, even the one that allows the device to play a sound if we identify it as “lost” within the app (with 4 different possible sounds and up to a volume of 82 dB). The app can be downloaded from major online stores (App Store, Play Store …) and is compatible with almost all devices on the market, as well they are equipped with a Bluetooth connection.

The Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker can be hung or attached to anything: the remote control, the keys, the computer, the tablet and even your new drone, with its tendency to go around everywhere 🙂
Or it can still be inserted in the purse, not to have to go crazy every time you leave the house. It is one of the technological gifts that I would prefer to receive more than ever.

Should I buy Tile Slim Tracker?

Yes, as a tech gift it is really the best! The good news? The price. Really within anyone’s reach.
Maybe I should try to stick to the collar of my cat, since when I look for it always disappears!

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