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Top Ten Electronic Gadgets – What’s Hot in May 2018?

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets – What’s Hot in May 2018?

Welcome to our first Top Ten Electronic Gadgets List, the 1001 Need Monthly Chart”!

Those who are super keen on technology cannot be in possession of some tech gadgets that are literally driving people crazy!

Obviously to give yourself a little gift you do not have to spend a fortune...
So here’s a selection
of super-technological accessories, trending in May 2018, that is within reach of our piggy bank.

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets – May 2018:

10) DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 ($29.99)

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets - DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0

With his minimalist, compact and elegant design, the Doss Touch Wireless Bluetooth is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers out there.
He convinced us right away, from the first moment we set eyes on it. The touch interface is accurate and satisfying, and combined with the metallic design gives the product an outstanding modern look.

In a speaker, however, the design is not everything, it counts as it sounds. And it sounds really good! The music comes out as a clear explosion, without even croaking at high volume. The bass is very present and at the same time, the highs are crystal clear and precise.

The battery, another key point in a portable case, boasts excellent durability. After an intense use, we are convinced that the declared 12 hours of continuous sound can be very truthful, or at least they do not go very far.

Excellent both indoors and outdoors, perfect as a gift, with a good price… what can we ask for more?

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9) CozyPhones Kids Headphones ($19.97)

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets - CozyPhones Kids Headphones

Modern kids, you know, love technology. The next two products of our Top Ten Electronic Gadgets List are perfect for our younger friends.
Unfortunately, from personal experience, choosing the right headphones can prove to be harder than expected.

Most headphones are mainly aimed at an older audience. The earphones are always too big or too small, the volume reaches peaks too high and above all, they have a really boooring design πŸ™‚
CozyPhones solves our problem with these amazing headband-earphones created directly for children. After having tried them on a (too) long journey, we can give a completely positive opinion.

First of all, the design is wonderful. We chose the Blue Unicorn but it was a really difficult choice [in fact the Green Monster is already on the list of upcoming purchases].
The headband is soft, comfortable and very resistant at first sight. The colors are bright and transmit joy and playfulness.

The connection with the tablet is easy thanks to the standard connector for headphones and can be used with any existing product (telephones, computers, car DVD players, etc. ..)

Eyes (and ears) on the volume limitation at 90dB. The choice is excellent because it allows you to have enough volume to hear everything well, but at the same time protects the kids’ ears from sounds and music too loud.

In short, an excellent product if you have children or you are looking for an original gift.

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8) Walkie Talkies for Kids ($26.99)

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets - Walkie Talkies for Kids

We continue with another product primarily intended for children (but, hey, no one will know if you buy it for yourself πŸ™‚ ).

These awesome Walkie Talkies with a vaguely 8-bit design (we love that pixel art style camouflage cover!) make us instantly become the most expert private investigators. Or at least that’s what we believe …

The scope is impressive, we talk about three miles in the open field spread over 22 different channels. Which means that they can be used both to play or communicate with children and between parent and child without interference in the signal.

The sound is great and allows you to speak and hear clearly, we also found the perfect shape and weight to be carried around without hassle.

If you are looking for a very special technological gift, this can probably be an excellent choice.

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7) APEKX Bluetooth Earbuds ($19.59)

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets - APEKX Bluetooth Earbuds

Since Apple introduced its AirPods, wireless headsets have suddenly become the “next big thing” among mobile music lovers.

We have tried a lot of these gadgets, and we will definitely discuss them in the next articles.
For now, we recommend for sure these great APEKX Bluetooth Earbuds, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Let’s start with the sound: taking into account that we are talking about low-cost sports headphones, the verdict is certainly positive.
If you are looking for high fidelity sound you should probably look for something else (more expensive and giving up the wireless connection), but if you’re looking for something that has a good sound, a good strength and is comfortable to carry around … well, with these earphones you’ve hit the mark.

The connection with the phone, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 is stable and powerful. The battery lasts a long time, with 180 hours of standby time and 7 hours of play time.

Do not forget the sweatproof design, which allows you to use them during sports without worrying about the sweat. But be careful, they are not meant to be used underwater or in the pool!

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6) Top Ten Electronic Gadgets: Gosky Titan Prism Smartphone Monocular ($ 58.98)

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets - Gosky Titan Prism Smartphone Monocular

Have you ever been on vacation and trying to take a picture of the distance, you realize that your phone simply can’t do it? Or maybe at the stadium, as you try to share your favorite player to the world.

Gosky, with this Titan Power Prism Monocular tries to solve even the most extreme zoom needs.
The monocular, thanks to its 12x zoom allows you to closely frame (and with the highest resolution) even the most distant details. In fact, unlike the zoom integrated into the photography apps of our smartphones, optical zoom does not worsen the overall quality of the photos.

The support allows you to firmly hook the phone, and if you have a tripod you can connect it thanks to the adapter at the bottom.
In addition, the product is waterproof, frog proof, dust-proof and shockproof and can be used in any weather or environmental conditions.

If you are a fan of photos taken with your mobile phone, a zoom like this can completely change the way you think about mobile photography.

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5) Mini Spy Camera-USB Charger ($45.99)

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets - Mini Spy Camera-USB Charger

Wow, with this gadget we enter directly into the field of private investigators!
This Mini Spy Camera is apparently a normal USB Charger (which, by the way, also works well for that) but looking carefully … there is a little surprise!

Integrated (and really microscopic) there is a very small camera. Small as a size and great as quality, we would say. The movies are in a high-quality Full HD resolution, which gives you a clear and fluid vision. Amazing to see movies of this quality come from a camera so small!

The design is discreet and unobtrusive, and combined with the motion detection allows it to be used as an excellent surveillance camera.
About that, connecting it to a WiFi network can live stream videos via a smartphone or tablet app (iOS or Android).

Obviously, we recommend using it according to the law. Breaking the privacy of other people can lead to serious consequences!

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4) Kindle Paperwhite E-reader ($119.99)

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets - Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

It is impossible to create a Top Ten Electronic Gadgets List without considering the KING of the ebook readers!

For years after its launch on the market, Amazon’s Paperwhite remains the benchmark for quality, comfort, ease of use and price. We are talking about one of those products that are so important that they have become a paradigm in their field. More: now the word “Kindle” is almost a synonym of “ebook reader“.

There is not much we can add to the thousands of reviews around the web, except that despite the many versions on the market, we continue to believe that the Paperwhite is the product with the best value for money.

Complete in all its aspects, the reader boasts an incredible high-definition e-ink display (when compared to other ebook readers), with an integrated backlight and an anti-glare protection.

We believe that the maximum benefit is, of course, using the Amazon ebook store. The benefits of an entire ecosystem specially developed for this product are priceless: in an instant, you can access the store, wherever you are, and start reading a new book within two clicks.

Do we want to talk about the battery with an amazing duration?
Or the materials, which give a great premium look to the product?
Ss we said, there is not much else to say that has not already been said and said πŸ™‚

A definitive gadget for reading and an evergreen excellent gift idea.

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3) Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 – Instant Camera ($57.43)

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets - Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 - Instant Camera

…ok, we are coming to the top floors of our Top Ten Electronic Gadgets List!

Without too many words, this Instant Camera made us literally fall in love at first sight. As nostalgic old lovers of photography as we are, we are crazy for this product that brings the concept of Polaroid into the New Millennium. With extreme ease, you can take great digital photos and … surprise, print them directly to share them by hand, as you used to.

The photographic quality is excellent and suitable for printing, also the lens can be set for macro photography and selfies (as for the selfies, on the front there is also a mini-mirror that can be very useful!).

Apart from our old nostalgic audience, the product proved to be very successful also and especially among the youngers. Probably because of the playful and colorful design, or perhaps because in a world dominated by bits, having something tangible to share can represent … a great innovation.

In any case, the end result is that it will be very difficult for this Instant Camera to go unnoticed!

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2) Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini ($39.99)

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets - Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini

Among the technological devices of the year, drones are certainly one of the Top Ten Electronic Gadgets. Many are frightened by the idea of spending too much, thinking that the price exceeds even the hundreds of dollars. In fact, that’s not true, and the Holy Stone HS170 is here to prove it to us.

Looking at the reviews on Amazon before buying it, we do not hide having had more than one doubt. There are a lot of conflicting opinions, probably due to the difficulty of use.
In reality, already discarding the package these doubts have dissipated almost immediately. The product in question is an excellent drone for beginners, perhaps without the advanced features of products of a completely different price range, but with everything you need to get started.

Unfortunately, we can not summarize all the good things we found in this Holy Stone drone with these few rows of text, but as soon as possible we will write a complete in-depth review.

If you are going to buy it or give it away, we advise you to read the manual carefully! It does not take much, once you take out the product from the package, to make it fly directly against a wall of your home… πŸ™‚

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1) Top Ten Electronic Gadgets, The WINNER: Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote ($ 39.99)

Top Ten Electronic Gadgets - Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

And finally, we get to the winner!
If there’s a technological accessory that we just couldn’t do without it, it’s Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

Let’s start with the premise: who writes is a satisfied owner of the latest generation Smart TV (if you are interested in a review, write it in the comments!). Simply, from Netflix to Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, nowadays there is too much out there to focus only on traditional TV channels.

This product is aimed at those who are with a Smart TV no longer updated or with a first generation Full HD TV but also to those who, like us, need an extremely handy device that can be transported from one TV to another.

The setup is very simple: It connects to the HDMI of the TV, you choose the language and the Wi-Fi network with the included Bluetooth remote control, and stop. You do not even need to enter the user and password of the Amazon account because it comes already configured with the purchase.

The features are very respectable and allow you to use all functions with extreme fluidity. What really differentiates this version from the previous ones is the integration of Alexa Voice Remote. Being able to control everything with your own voice, for example by asking the TV “Launch Netflix” or “finding children’s programs” in a natural way, is definitely an experience to try. And one from which it is difficult to go back.

If you have a non-latest generation TV or you want to make a gift of sure impact without spending a fortune, take a look at this Fire TV Stick and you will not be disappointed!

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This was our list of the best electronic gadgets of May 2018.

Did you find a nice gadget to add to the list?
Have you tried any of the products and want to give us your opinion?
Write it in the comments!

Stay tuned and take a look at our Top Ten Electronic Gadgets category if you’re still looking for inspiration πŸ˜‰

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