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Elf Ear Headphones: Flying to the Middle Earth Humming

Elf Ear Headphones: Flying to the Middle Earth Humming

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an elven world with these Elf Ear Headphones, not only through music, but also turning into one of its inhabitants.
Have you ever wanted to become an elf of fantasy movies without resorting to surgery? Now you can go around showing off your beautiful elf ears!

Elf Ear Headphones: I want pointy ears!

This simple pair of earphones turns you into a cosplayer while you listen to your favorite music (but make the most of it when you tune inΒ Spotify on an epic fantasy playlist!).

With the Elf Ear Headphones you have at your disposal a cross between a technological gadget to listen to music (or any other audio source) and a fantasy-style disguise accessory.
The Earphones are of a rosy hue, skin color and, more importantly, at the end of the cable do not have the simple bonnet to be inserted into the ear, but end with a pink meat headset included in a pointed ear. In this way, by wearing them you will gain the only real peculiarity that can distinguish a real elf from a human.
Clearly if you are 6 feet tall, muscular and maybe even bearded you will not be very credible, but your passion the elf world justifies their purchase and use anyway πŸ˜‰

From a technical point of view they are clearly not earphones for audiophiles or for people too demanding, but for listening to some elfic music compilation are really excellent.


The Elf Ear Headphones are an exuberant and over the top model, perhaps too much for some formal and serious occasions. For those who love the fantasy genre, however, are an essential gadget to use whenever you want to dress the role of an elf. Indeed not just an elf. Fantasy and Sci-Fi Literature is full of pointy-eared creatures (how to get rid of our Vulcan friends?). But do not tell the elves: they are convinced they have the exclusivity πŸ™‚

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