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Funny Coffee Mugs: Have Your Breakfast with a Smile :)

Funny Coffee Mugs: Have Your Breakfast with a Smile :)

Awakening is, for all of us, the most difficult moment of the day. To start off on the right foot and with a nice smile, here is a list of 3 Funny Coffee Mugs we have found on the market!

3) BigMouth Inc “Grenade” Mug: When Your Morning is a Bomb! ($9.99)

Funny Coffee Mugs: BigMouth Inc "Grenade" Mug

Excellent for home and PERFECT for the office, this mug can lighten even the heaviest of working days. A fun and funny conversation starter that lends the game to jokes and office gags.
It is made of high quality ceramic and can hold 16 ounces of coffee / milk / whatever.

Also to be considered as a gift for colleagues or friends who work in the office. We guarantee that we will be a much appreciated gift!

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2) “Have A Nice Day” Funny Coffee Mugs: Cute and Cuddly, Boys… ($12.95)

Funny Coffee Mugs: Have A Nice Day!

The best mug for those days when you have to show a nice smile even if inside you only hatch anger and revengeWishes a wonderful day to anyone around you, with this peaceful message. Then drink your coffee and show what you really think!

On the market there are a few’ imitations (and we have tried many), but this seemed to be the best. In particular, most of the mugs at the bottom have a simple adhesive that usually detaches soon. In this case we have a nice… um… “finger” in an ultra-resistant 3D shape 😉

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1) BigMouth Inc “Coffee Makes Me Poop” Mug: Maybe I’ll have to Run Soon! ($14.99)

Funny Coffee Mugs: Coffee Makes Me Poop!

You know, the hot drinks drunk in the early morning have a small “downside“…
If you have this problem and want to warn your family to leave the bathroom free in the next five minutes, this is the right mug for you!

The materials are of the highest quality, as with all BigMouth cups. It is a perfect mug as a gift for friends, colleagues or relatives. Or you can keep it at home for that friend who comes to get coffee but then occupies the bathroom for the whole evening 🙂

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If you liked the article and want other ideas for breakfast, leave a comment and we will unleash our hounds in search of other funny coffee mugs!

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