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Metal Die-Cast: a Real Bat Signal on your Desk!

Metal Die-Cast: a Real Bat Signal on your Desk!

Immerse yourself in the grim atmosphere of Gotham City and help Batman fight crime from your desk with this real bat signal!

You know, Gotham City is a really big city and it’s hard to fight crime if you are alone. That is why our hero relies on good old Gordon, who promptly tells him when his help is required. The Bat Signal Projector we have come to love is a huge police projector modified to spread the Batman Logo into the sky. For our desk, we will have to settle for a version a little bit smaller

This Bat Signal Projector is a perfect replica (apart from the dimensions of course) of the “Real Bat Signal” used by the Gotham police.

With this gadget, perfect for older fans but also for the younger ones, you can project the bat signal light up to 20 feet. Unless you live in a giant manor like Bruce Wayne, it should be enough to cover any corner of your room.

Here are some bat signal images so you can get an idea:

The dimensions are adequate, with a 5-inch tall body and a really sturdy metal material. We were surprised by the compactness and quality of the materials, despite a very affordable price.

The rotatable base allows orientation of the bat signal night light to 360 degrees. Unfortunately, domestic use makes the projector unsuitable to draw Batman’s attention, unless he is in the next room 😉

In all this, we almost forgot the wonderful hardcover Book with an in-depth of Batman and Bat Signal, full of beautiful full-color illustrations.

In short, on balance we are facing one of the top 10 batman gadgets and certainly one of the funniest. A real bat signal light for your desk, and a great gadget of sure impact to amaze your friends.
This is whether you invite them at your superhero residence or if you use this bat signal projector as a surprising gift idea!

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