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Thor Hammer Led Light

Thor Hammer Led Light

Thor Hammer Led Light: a lamp that seems to come directly from Asgard. An unmissable piece of furniture for the greatest fans of Thor who want to get hold of the powers of the hammer Mjolnir.
Mjolnir is the name of the mythical hammer of Thor from Asgard: son of Odin, brother of Loki, the God of Thunder, Norse deity, Marvel superhero, member of the Avengers and also known as “The Mighty“.

Thor is a very strong deity, and he would probably be able to win his battles even without his hammer. But even him needs to rest in the warmth of his house, every once in a while.
For this reason, his father Odin not only gave him the Mjolnir but also gave him the Thor Hammer Led Light: an old-fashioned Asgardian lamp with great power.

This Thor Hammer Light reproduces, in every particular detail, the real Thor Hammer stuck in the wall. The effect is made even more realistic by the “crack effect” adhesive that frames the lamp.

Like all 3DLightFX products, this legendary Thor Hammer Lamp also features ultra-efficient LED bulbs. The low consumption of LEDs allows the light to work with simple AA batteries without problems and for a long time.
For the little ones, it is an extremely safe lamp (it doesn’t require connections to the electricity grid) and, with its faint light, reassures children during the night.

Ultimately, we found the Thor Hammer Led Light:
Safe: as it runs on batteries, without wires
Does not Overheat: it is always cold to the touch
Environmentally Friendly: using LED lamps
Fun: thanks to the included 3D crack sticker
Impressive: producing a fantastic effect both on and off
Easy to Install: with instructions and fixing screws included

If you are looking for a way to show how much you love Thor, this Thor Hammer Light is a perfect home accessory.
It’s flashy… but just enough to get noticed without being overkill like Loki’s horns 😉

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