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Classic 80s arcade games in your pocket: Tiny Arcade

Classic 80s arcade games in your pocket: Tiny Arcade

They are really tiny, have a 1.5-inch display, micro-speakers, integrated joystick, classic 80s arcade games pre-loadedand you can even carry them in your pocket!

We have played with it since the late 70s and all through the 80s, letting us play one coin after another. Even today, they represent in some ways the maximum expression of the videogame. They are the arcade cabinets!
Of course they still exist, but they usually have prices out of reach and are extremely cumbersome. Not everyone has enough space in their home to install a 1:1 replica of an original cabinet.

What are the Tiny Arcade?

Classic 80s arcade games: Tiny ArcadeFortunately, a creative team has decided to reproduce some of them in an extra-small format. There were born the Tiny Arcade, minicabinets so small that can also be used as a keychain! At the moment four models have come out, which we have tested for you. The Tiny Arcade allow us to play four great classic 80s arcade games: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Galaxian.

All models are equipped with a speaker that perfectly reproduces the 8-bit sounds of our childhood. The simple game graphics is transmitted by a small 1.5-inch LED display, accompanied by a micro joystick and 2 tiny buttons. All very small, but 100% usable.

Ah, we have not talked about the price yet. The recommended price is $21.99, but taking a look at Amazon or similar sites is not uncommon to find them at a much lower price. We are around $14.99, more or less, which is an extremely attractive price for a product of this type.

Tiny Arcade: The Classic 80s Arcade Games

The included classic games do not need many presentations:

Space Invaders is an arcade game of 1978, one of the most influential of his generation. The game mode is quite simple: you command a mobile gun at the bottom of the screen and you have to knock down the iconic alien spaceships at the top. In defense of the player stand 4 shields that are gradually destroyed by enemy shots. Easy to understand, hard to master at the highest levels!

Galaxian is one of the most famous videogames of the 80s. It was the first of a series of space-based shooter and takes up the idea of Space Invaders extending it. The enemy spaceships perform some movements that make the levels more unpredictable, moreover the aim is more precise.

Classic 80s arcade games: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaxian

Pac-Man is perhaps one of the most iconic characters in the world of videogames. Great success in the 80s, the game is still considered a milestone today. The idea behind the game is to drive a spherical creature (according to the legend created looking at a pizza without a slice) inside a maze. The goal is to eat all the dots without being in turn eaten by ghosts.
But, hey, do you know that already? 😉

Ms. Pac-Man is the second videogame in the Pac-Man series and focuses on Ms. Pac-Man, the charming (!) wife of our hero. The basis of the game is the same as Pac-Man, but expanded with mazes of different shapes and colors.
Spoiler: it could contain a wonderful love story.

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The Verdict

The games tested have all turned out accurate 100% conversions of the original arcade. Having these classic 80s arcade games always available in your pocket is something wonderful, and unlike emulators or app on mobile, playing on these mini-cabinets really carries us into the past.

Having a great price and being true icons of the 80s, we can also recommend them as a gift for a friend of yours who loves 80s 🙂


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