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Candy Grabber Claw Machine: Sweets at Will!

Candy Grabber Claw Machine: Sweets at Will!

Definitive product for carnivals, parties and other joyful occasions with family and friends, this Candy Grabber Claw Machine can’t miss when you need a little… sweetness.

Everyone knows that machines “grab toys” at fairs have some attractive power. Who knows how many times you have spent entire fortunes, one coin at a time, and then return home irremediably empty-handed!

With this wonderful arcade Grabber Machine you will certainly not take this risk! First of all, you will not use real coins (although, if you want, you can do it with normal penny) and then there are no games of dubious taste at stake. Yes, the game works with fake plastic coins and the prize will be sweet sweets. All those that you can grasp in the expected time or, even better, those you prefer.
On the other hand, you’ll be filling the Candy Grabber Claw Machine with your favorite ones, right? 😉

3… 2… 1… and you’ll be ready for the first try! What’s more, a fun fair music will accompany you all the time as you move the joystick trying to catch the sweets. We talked about the time available, which is limited to 1 minute and 15 seconds for each attempt. After that you will have to insert another coin and make another attempt… or maybe pass the ball to a friend who will DEFINITELY fail to beat your record 🙂

In fact, unlike the big fair version, this arcade Grabber Machine allows you to try to take the object several times, until time runs out. In case of winning you will be celebrated by the sound of hundreds of applause (in addition to the prize!). The defeat is instead underlined by a sad little piece of music (no, don’t cry!).

In conclusion, the Candy Grabber Claw Machine is the ideal toy for you and a fantastic gift for friends or children… exactly, let them play from time to time! 😉

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