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USB Air Conditioner: Summer is Coming

USB Air Conditioner: Summer is Coming

It is a tiny USB Air Conditioner (one 10.3 x 8 x 7.8 inches cube) silent, USB powered and with three functions in one (Air Conditioner, Humidifier, and Air Purification). A desk product that can give you relief from the heat during your long days of work, without the contraindications of a real air conditioner.
No, this is not yet another USB fan like others already on the market, but a real liquid mini-conditioner powered by USB port of our computer or laptop.

Despite the size (the USB Air Conditioner is small and light: pictures don’t show it!), The performance of this product is incredible. Of course, we are far from a complete air conditioning system, but to have a little relief in the car, at work or just in a room without wall-mounted air conditioners… well, we do not believe there is anything better.

The humidifier function can retain a lot of water, enough for an 8-hour use. Very convenient for the typical working day.

The design has impressed us immediately since we have seen the first photos. Once we had the opportunity to see it from life, these opinions were confirmed. Tonha USB Air Conditioner is a solid product, with excellent design and fits perfectly on any desk.
Besides, the LEDs that illuminate the product are beautiful, making it almost suitable for a soft-chromotherapy πŸ™‚
The lights are in 7 colors (blue, red, white, water duck blue, purple, yellow, green) and you can choose a fixed or variable mode, with a subtle effect that varies cyclically.

Last (but not least) aspect that convinced us: energy saving.
The portable air conditioner can be connected to a USB socket or the mains, and in both cases, the consumption will be remarkably reduced. We are talking about 10 watts of energy. A ridiculous cost compared to more expensive, cumbersome and in some cases less efficient!

For those interested, this is the Amazon page with complete specifications.
On balance, it proved to be an excellent product both as a personal purchase and as a gift.
This year the summer is not scary, we have our faithful USB Air Conditioner on our side! πŸ™‚

Get more details and updated price on

Tonha USB Air Conditioner

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