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Amazon Echo: Your Life will Never be the Same

Amazon Echo: Your Life will Never be the Same

It is one of the most talked about products of recent years, the object of the desire of many and an authentic game changer in home gadgets… but what is the Amazon Echo? More important: does the amazon echo work? Here is our answer.
Do you know Siri, Cortana or Google Now? Here, forget it. Amazon Echo is a technological gadget that speaks through Alexa, the code name of Amazon’s artificial intelligence system.

This incredible Amazon device is an all-round domestic assistant. It can be positioned anywhere in the house and, thanks to various directional microphones, can perceive all your commands even at a distance. Even while is already playing music.

What is the Amazon Echo and What can I Ask “Him” (Her?)

Here are some examples of things we can ask Alexa (by name and by listening to the command):

  • Ask her about the weather, the latest news, various information and get answers in real time.
  • Ask to listen to specific songs a singer or band, listen to a specific radio simply by saying the name, take advantage of the various cloud services to access our music. The device is in fact a wireless speaker, with 360 ° diffusion. A bluetooth speaker of excellent quality, although obviously can not stand comparison with dedicated solutions (and much more expensive!) for audiophiles.
  • Similarly, you can access all your streaming video subscriptions, such as Netflix, and ask to see the last season of your favorite TV series. In a flash it will be broadcast on TV in the room 🙂
  • Set the morning alarm, a timer for any eventuality (I find it very convenient for cooking pasta!) and anniversaries such as birthdays, holidays, etc…
  • Dictate the shopping list as soon as you realize that we are missing an ingredient. Very useful when you’re doing something else and just say “Hey, Alexa, add eggs to the shopping list!”. When you will be at the grocery store and you will find on your smartphone the updated list you will realize that you can’t do without it 🙂
  • Remember appointments or the to-do list, then find them on the smartphone. Similar to the shopping list… but this could save you the job!
  • Access Wikipedia, dictionaries and other online texts to satisfy all your curiosities. Also very useful to be dictated on the fly a last-minute recipe!
  • More still, that surely will be added in the future. From this point of view, the updatable nature of the device makes it perfect for software-based upgrades too.

In any case, it is something that you should see with your eyes. We read a lot of amazon echo reviews but it was just trying it and getting it into our routine that we understood the value of the product.


Ultimately, among all the technological gadgets we tried, Amazon Echo was the one that most of all entered our daily lives.
If I had to translate it into one question:
What is the Amazon Echo? Something that you should try, and then never come back 🙂

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What is the Amazon Echo?

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